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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bucks 2008-09 schedule released

This may be pitifully old news, but I'm trying to catch up on my emails, and this is a Bucks blog, so I feel obligated to post it. The Bucks released their 2008-09 NBA regular season schedule. Since the Bucks play the same basic formulaic schedule every year, there's no need to analyze how difficult or easy it might be. It doesn't matter. The Bucks just need to nut it up and take care of business for a change. Time to shine in '08-'09!!

The only real points of interest in the schedule for me were finding out when they scheduled the first Bucks-Celtics game at the BC (November 15th), and whether the Bucks played at home near Christmas. The former because I want to be there, and the latter because I want to take my 3 year old nephew Charlie to his first Bucks game (remember the little tyke holding the Bango mascot I got him?). I knew the only opportunity for that to happen would be when he comes over from Minnesota for Christmas, but for that to even have a chance the schedule had to cooperate. It did. The Bucks play the Detroit Pistons at the BC the Saturday after this year's Thursday Christmas. Perfect. Now I just need to get the ball rolling.

He's already been to a Timberwolves game. Time's a wastin, therefore, to turn him Green and Red. (Plus I want to see if he freaks when he sees the lifesized Bango. That could be worth a chuckle).


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