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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sorry NBA fans... and my take on Not Yet Brett

Another unacceptably slow week on Bucks Diary. Sorry NBA fans. Seems like I'm apologizing a lot this summer.

This past week I've been on the road from here to Madison everyday, and I just haven't had time to write. Besides which, I can't seem to think of anything intriguing to write about. If you guys have any issues you'd like explored, I'm all ears. At the moment I'm dry. In fact, the only Bucks thought I've had in the past week and a half is "Michael Redd's face looks thin. He must have once again put extra prepatory work in for the team he isn't paid to play for... just as he did last season. Lets just hope the team he is paid to play for doesn't get the same weak remainder effort as it did last season. That was a poor year for Redd." That was my one thought. Oh, and "Doesnt' Redd seem much more enthusiastic playing for Team USA than he ever does playing for the Bucks, or is that just me? Is anyone else annoyed by that, or is that just me?"

Here are some other thoughts not basketball related:
This has been one weird summer. You know all about my travails. Don't worry about me. But what is the deal with that Favre situation? At first I was in the extreme minority who understood the logic behind the Packer strategy -- the team absolutely has to find out this season whether Aaron Rodgers is worth a long term investment at the most important position on the field. Rodgers contract is running up and he's barely played. Long term, he could be better than... well at least the Latter Day Favre.

On the other hand, if you go with Favre, you're pretty much getting a one year deal of more of the same that we've had all decade, and likely a decline on that. Favre just isn't likely to be the savior everyone thinks. (I keep hearing he's "One of the greatest, if not THE greatest quarterback in NFL history." Huh? I don't see any evidence for that, other than longevity. Is Cal Ripken the greatest shortstop ever? Not hardly).

Bottom line, Favre no longer seems capable of going strong for a full season, and he hasn't been capable of winning playoff games for quite some time. It isn't likely he'll suddenly get better at either task this year, its more likely he'll get much worse.

And while it seemed at first blush illogical to prevent Favre from even competing for the starting spot,actually, its quite logical. After all, Favre would have a good shot at winning the competition. He's got the experience and he plays his best early on with a full tank of gas. But you don't want Favre to win, so what's the upside in letting him compete?

The true illogic came in the last week. All of a sudden we've gotten to the point where the Packers are paying one of their greatest players ever a veritable King's Ransom NOT TO PLAY. Alice in Wonderland stuff. It may make public relations sense, but it just seems so topsy turvy. For years and years (and years and years and years... LOL) Packer fans have been begging Favre to come back at the end of every season, and now this season they're suddenly paying him NOT TO COME BACK! Who would have thunk it would have gotten to this point. Oh well, just more grist for the wacky, depressing summer of '08.


At August 2, 2008 at 11:50 AM, Anonymous paulpressey25 said...

Ty...you need to focus on the Olympic game warm-ups. Bogut put up 32/11 the other day. Very encouraging even if it was against Angola.

At August 4, 2008 at 1:07 AM, Blogger Trigorin said...

Ty, how does a declining qb go 13 and three and lose in the playoffs to the eventual super bowl champion? I would think that a gung ho statisical guy like you would have been impressed with Brett's performance. Greatest of all time? How do you judge? How about the packers pre brett and the pack during bretts tenure? Pretty darm impressive Ty and way you choose to pile on the statistics.

At August 5, 2008 at 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brett was great and a lot of fun to watch at different times. Most durable, maybe even toughest, with a strong arm and a lot of great highlights. Why does it matter whether our guy is the top rank in something that can't be measured, we've all had a lot of fun. If you still want to talk about the greatest, 3+ Super Bowl wins would've been even more fun, and I know that the rest of the roster has a big impact on that too.

I'm not surprised at all that a statistical guy might notice that last year was an anomaly out of the last few years for Brett. And that 13-3, how about a little credit for the first decent special teams in years, or a defense that didn't make you just sit and wait for them to give up a little too much (and then most likely lead Favre to try to force something, the way he's hardwired)?

Now I'm a big Favre fan, he's not my all-time favorite player but I feel lucky to have seen him on my team, and think he's coming across as a dork, but it doesn't affect how I've enjoyed seeing him play. At that stage in your career and life it's a minor thing. Last season was the most fun for me since 1996, but he's not the whole team and he's not bigger than the team.

At August 6, 2008 at 3:04 AM, Blogger Trigorin said...

hey anounymous, thanks for the statistical guy reference. Brett is not my favorite packer either. Starr holds that spot. I think you make a very good point when you mention the supporting cast in relationship to the qb. I seriously think that last year was the first year in a long time that Brett had a solid defense and some indivdual playmakers on offense. Therefore his statistical numbers reflected that. Ask yourself this would peyton or brady or anyone else for that matter have gotten the pack to the promised land with Sherman and his personel? Or with Mccarthy and the youthfull team that had yet to mature? I don't think so. Brett has not let the packers down but rather held them up. As to what is happening now no one man is bigger than the team but with the way it appears that thompson, mccarthy, murphy, have treated someone who seemingly personified team where does that leave the legacy of the packers? Do you think that Reggie would have heard the call if these guys were in charge and acting the way it seems they are? I doubt it. May saner heads prevail,vince did leave to coach the skins didn't he,so I think they won't and that will be a sad day for this life long packer fan. Go Pack.


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