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Monday, August 18, 2008

Win Profile for the 2007-08 Denver Nuggets

Welcome to "Remember the ABA" week on Bucks Diary. This week I will be profiling all of the old ABA teams that still function in the NBA. First up is the team with the head coach Antlerheads love to be ambivalent about, George Karl.

Click here to see the Win Profile for the Denver Nuggets

What do the statistics mean? (explains all the statistics I use in my Win Profile Charts).


1. We're back on track. The "half win" formula predicted that the Nuggets would produce 50.6 wins, whereas the team actually won 50 games. I was very pleased. I never look at the win total until the very end so as not to bias anything, and for some reason I thought Denver won around 56 games, so I initially believed I was way off. Thus, I was juiced to see how dead on I was. As you may recall, we were about 3 games off on our last profile of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

2. Give it up for Allen Iverson. He had a very nice season in 2007-08. He was pretty efficient (for him) on offense, and he produced on the defensive end, too, which may shock some people. He is maligned, but compare his win total last season to Michael Redd's, and you will see why Redd should be ashamed of himself for collecting maximum dollars from the Bucks.

3. The most controversial result of this Win Chart is easy to spot. According to me, Marcus Camby is a horrible defensive center. Yet he routinely lands on the All-Defensive team. I stick by my results. If you look at the statistics, his counterpart centers score and rebound at will when Camby is on the court. That is destructive. And its most likely the product of the very freestyle shotblocking that has, ironically, won him so many defensive accolades. I think Denver would be better off if he got back to playing fundamental defense on his man, and concentrated on keeping his man off the boards. As you know, I am not a fan at all of the current NBA style of "help" defense. I think it breeds individual mediocrity.

4. Carmelo Anthony is often mentioned in the same sentence with LeBron James. As this Win Chart and my previous Win Chart on the Cavaliers points out, he doesn't belong in the same paragraph with LBJ. Anthony's a nice player, but he's not on the elite level. He needs to shore up his defense, protect the ball better, and improve his secondary offensive numbers to reach James' illustrious level.

5. We have a new candidate for Worst Player in the NBA, and his name is Bobby Jones.

6. Milwaukee's own Mike Wilks makes a nice showing. In his limited playing time he projected out as a 57-25 player. Sure, he only played 110 or so minutes, but its what you make of the opportunities you're given.


At August 18, 2008 at 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Camby isn't on Denver anymore.

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