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Monday, August 11, 2008

Win Profile for the 2007-08 Los Angeles Lakers

Continuing on with my series of NBA Win Profiles for the 2007-08 season, today I win profile the 2007-08 Western Conference Champions, the Los Angeles Lakers. If you are unfamiliar with my win profile system, I would ask you to please click on the Celtic Win Profile before proceeding.

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1. Kobe Bean Bryant is a much better defender out of the 2 hole than he is out of the 3 hole. His Opponents Win Score is a -2.9 at the 2 Guard spot whereas it is only a -0.5 at the 3 Forward spot. Still good, but a rather large difference. I noted this prior to the NBA Finals and stated that it would be a mistake for Phil Jackson to get suckered into playing Kobe too many minutes at the 3 because of it. Yet he did, and it may have cost the Lakers the series.

2. Andrew Bynum was having a tremendous season before he went down. He was recording a +8.5 on the offensive end. That is a huge number. I'm not even sure if Orlando's big man Dwight Howard put up numbers that were that large. I will be doing the Magic next, so we shall see. Nevertheless, Bynum is a monster who is growing and who must be feared. Howard is still the King, but Bynum shall terrorize for years to come.

3. Gasol's second half with the Lake Show was not as great as I had expected, but I believe it is because he was forced to play out of position due to Bynum's injury. Wait till he gets put back at the 4. Although I am not convinced it is a slam dunk the Lakers will dominate. They still have to prove to myself and others that they can defend like big boys. You cannot win with strictly offense in this man's Association anymore.

4. Philipo, the numbers clearly show its time to go with Farmar at the point from here on out. You had a nice run with your boy D Fisher, but you have to sense when its time to jump to the next curve, and now is the time.

5. I was shocked to see how well Lamar Odom gets it done on offense. Those are almost KG like numbers. But he must improve his defense. With his size and athleticism, the mediocre defensive numbers he's posting are just unacceptable. He can and must do better. For the Lakers, a championship is not about Kobe... he's doing his bit... its about Lamar.


At August 11, 2008 at 1:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see just how good Kobe really is on both sides of the ball. He has to be the best 2 guard in the league, if not the best player period. I can't wait to see how LBJ checks out!

I never would have thought that Farmar was that good! Here's hoping Nelson comes out looking good too, though I doubt it. I'm still in the camp of hoping Nelson is an above average PG at least of the level of guys like Rondo and Harris.

.240 win contribution is nice and all for Bynum, but do you really think it could come out better than Howards? I am getting used to your metrics and trying to apply them in ways that I can understand, so probably my interpretations are still off, but I would expect Howard to come out much higher than that mark, especially since Odom posted at .316 score! I like to think of Howard as being a superstar, so it will be interesting to see if you back that up or not.


At August 13, 2008 at 7:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be curious to see what you've got about the latest thrilling Milwaukee Bucks move. Maybe you can find something good about Ridnour.


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