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Friday, August 15, 2008

Win Profile for the 2007-08 Orlando Magic

Here is the Win Profile for the Orlando Magic (woops, i didn't notice i didn't quite finish it. I'll clean that up tonight -- plus i'll add some comments regarding the results. Sorry. Sloppy. Sloppy.). It shows just what a beast Dwight Howard is (I know you shouldn't end a sentence with a verb, but i just did). That's why I was so infuriated yesterday, my only day off in the last two weeks, when I was watching the Jim Rome Show, and some chump was spouting off about how Howard was not "an elite player". I was like "shut up! shut up! shut your damn mouth!"

Guys like that piss me off. Its like, if you don't think so, prove it. They can't. All they can do is babble on and on about how he doesn't defense the pick and roll well enough or something.

Also, though. Once this whole process is done, I invite criticism of my Defensive Win Score. I think it holds up fairly well. One thing Im not 100% comfortable with is this: 82games doesn't list Opponents Steals. So, I have to go into basketball-reference, take the teams opponent steals, average them per minute, then take Professor Berri's 10 year averages at each position and apply them according to the position's played. I figure it works pretty well, because i have never run across any single NBA player who has perfected a better than average "ball security" technique that isn't directly related to his ability to handle the basketball, but nevertheless, I wish my method wasn't so arbitrary.

Oh, also, whenever I do this from now on, I'm going to list all the other teams I've already done, just for comparison sake. So, here they are, boys and girls (sorry they aren't all the same... I'll clean that up when I get time... that's pretty unprofessional I know.... but you don't realize how boring this task is... actually doing the Dwight Howards of the world isnt boring its when you get down the roster is when it gets excruciating but you need those guys just the same):


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