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Monday, September 22, 2008

In Skiles I trust

I'm doing this post on the road, so it necessarily has to be a bit plain Jane.

I just heard a soundbite on the radio from Scott Skiles, the new coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. To the ears of a frustrated Bucks fan, he sounded like John the Baptist. He has promised (and I believe he can deliver) a team featuring all the qualities the Bucks have lacked of late. Defense, hustle, energy, determination, and will to win. His words and no-nonsense delivery of them were electrifying.

I haven't been wowed by the Bucks offseason player acquisitions, as you know. But I remain optimistic about the direction of the team because of Coach Skiles. His track record suggests he can deliver what the Bucks need to succeed -- aggressive defense. And I firmly believe he will.


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