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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bucks PVOA looks terrible.. plus more game notes

Here are some more notes on the Bucks vs. Timberwolves exhibition:

Same old Bucks... giving up in the second half

What the hell was that effort in the second half? The Bucks basically jonesed around the whole time. As a result, their Point Value Over Average numbers ended up being terrible. Point Value over Average is a Bucksdiary.blogspot statistic which measures how the Bucks performed per possession against the Timberwolves vs. how the other teams the Timberwolves played this preseason performed against them per possession. Here are the PVOA numbers for tonight's game (and they are "clean" numbers, as I washed out the Bucks vs. Twolves opening exhibition game):

Bucks Offense PVOA: -10.6 points scored
Bucks Defense PVOA: +11.5 points allowed
Bucks Total PVOA for the game: -22.1 points

That's terrible. Very disappointing second half effort. Skiles said the team's reputation was that they would quit in the second half, and he was going to change that. It didn't look like it tonight. The Bucks went away and did not compete in the second half. Come on! We can do better. I'm going to be putting together a "Total Win Contribution" boxscore in the next hour or so which will let you know exactly who was to blame for the embarrassing collapse.

Give Love A Chance, Minnesota

The Timberwolves commentators were fretting and apologizing for Kevin Love all night. He actually had a huge night. His Win Score was an incredible 26.7 per 48. That's phenomenal. The problem is, he looks slow and white doing it. So I think he's always going to be somewhat underappreciated... until you notice the team winning with him in the lineup.

McGlocklin momentarily semi-delusional

I just heard Jon McGlocklin, whom I love, describe the Bucks acquisition of Richard Jefferson as "up there with the Oscar Robertson trade". Huh? Jonny Mac, you can't be serious. RJ is no Big O. Plus, Robertson put our Bucks over the top of the mountain. At the moment, we're buried way down in the valley. The mountaintop is, as Joey Tribiani would say, "a dot to us".


At October 24, 2008 at 12:44 AM, Anonymous Seattle Bucks said...

The Scotty effect cannot overcome the ballhogging and no defense of Michael Redd. First time some of his teammates miss some shots, he decides he has to take over and then it is game over. 26 wins last year, unfortunately, is the high water mark for this team.

In two years, Seattle's new opening line up will feature Bogut, Alexander, Ridnour, and their lottery pick. In an attempt to keep LeBron James, Cleveland will trade for Redd next year and will reluctantly take on Gadzuric's contract as part of the deal. The Bucks will get soem expiring contracts and a bowl of cheerios in return and make the playoffs their first year in Seattle and make regular playoff appearances for the next decade.

Meanwhile, Redd will pout when Mo Williams and LeBron refuse to pass the ball to Redd in crunch time.

At October 24, 2008 at 1:54 AM, Blogger TCW said...

Oh man, you've already got your Andrew Bogut "New Supersonics" replica jersey on order, don't you?

You're rapidly becoming one of my favorite commenters. Maybe because I kind of agree with your whole premise, and its better to laugh about it than to worry about it...

BTW, did you notice the Senator hinted that the Bucks are going to ask for public financing at some point in the future? Good luck with that... in prosperous times public financing for the Packers only won by 6% in Brown County! How the hell is public money for the Bucks ever going to fly??


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