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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halftime notes Bucks Game 2: Holy Thundersuck!

They sucked as the Supersonics... apparently they suck worse as the Thunder!!

The Bucks defense is not this good. The Thunder currently have a halftime Team Win Score of... get this... 3.0! That's the whole team! If you follow my Win Score team calculations, you will know that is only about 40.3 points below average!

Some of that has to be Bucks defense, most of it has to be a shocking amount of incompetence and indifference on the part of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

...And how about Kevin Durant? When are we going to finally pronounce this guy El Busto?? He certainly is nowhere near the player his college numbers suggested he would be. At the moment he has a halftime Win Score of -17.3, and a halftime Offensive Win Contribution of -1.585. He shouldn't be playing shooting guard, but I don't even know if he could make it as a small forward.

...And OKC small forward Jeff Green is a pure joke. I pointed out that last season he was the NBA's Most Harmful Player (the Bizarro MVP) and his after that title again it seems. At halftime he has a Win Score of -23.8 and an Offensive Win Contribution of -2.975. Holy shit is he bad!

...Big first half for Bucks PF Charlie Villanueva. He has really bounced back big time from a horrible game last night. He is currently a +5.3 Win Score. His Offensive Win Score is +0.750.

... In fact, almost everyone on the Bucks is doing well on offense, and obviously on defense. It will be a privilege to do the Win Contribution boxscore tonight if this continues.


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