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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Game Post: How bout Ridnour on the boards

Last season I did an informal study of how rebounds are acquired. I tracked about 5 games, and in each game, at least 93% of the rebounds were acquired as a result of position or hustle. About 7% had to do with height or leaping ability. Very few of the rebounds were acquired while the rebounder was off his feet; fewer still while the rebounder was above the rim.

The point is this: anyone can rebound. Rebounding is about desire. Luke Ridnour is proving that tonight. As I type this, Ridnour, the smallest man on the floor for either team, has the second most rebounds at 6, and he leads the Bucks in that category.

I'm beginning to be sold on Ridnour. He's got attitude.

Food for thought: How many days does Charlie Villanueva have left as a Milwaukee Buck? Scott Skiles is clearly no CV fan, and which guy do you think will outlast the other?

Also, where has Joe Alexander been? Bravo to Skiles for realizing JA may not be ready for prime time but that Luc Moute clearly is.


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