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Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Bucks' spin on Joe Alexander doesn't pass muster

Last night I was driving back from my brother's house, and I heard "Voice of the Bucks" Ted Davis's pregame interview with Bucks GM John Hammond. To Davis' credit (I think he's a fabulous basketball announcer), he asked Hammond point blank:

"Is Joe Alexander NBA ready?"

Hammond's answer was truthful, but left me puzzled. Hammond basically said no, without saying no. He said -- and I'm paraphrasing from memory here -- Alexander has a very limited basketball background, he only started playing a few years ago, blah, blah, blah. He tried to make it sound as though Alexander was a work in progress.

The obvious follow-up question that was begging to be asked (but Davis probably would have risked his job had he asked it) was this:

"Then why in the world did you draft him number 8 overall?"

Now, if Alexander were a big man with a high ceiling, and if you already had alot of talent in the cupboard -- ala the Lakers drafting Andrew Bynum number 10 overall -- I can see taking a flier on him.

But Alexander came out as a college junior. I don't care when he started playing, history suggests he doesn't have too much upside, and, besides, you don't want a wing player who's a project unless he's a high schooler on par with Kobe Bryant. And Alexander is not.

Basically, the Bucks were overly wowed by Alexander's workout numbers and forgot to look at his less than stellar production resume. And, anyway, if he were always considered a long term investment, how come we weren't hearing that last June?

The fact is, the Bucks screwed up the pick. They took an average player when there plenty of above average players available. But to their credit they aren't compounding the mistake by forcing him into the lineup just to save themselves a little embarrassment. Plus, they got Moute. So, let them spin the Alexander mistake however they want.

But still, you can't throw too many lottery picks away... or suddenly you become the Los Angeles Clippers.


At November 3, 2008 at 1:35 AM, Anonymous Blake said...

There's an article on this on nba.com I think. There's a link on the Bucks website somewhere. He talks about how Alexander is still raw and there's a bit of work to do on him.

And if we wouldn't have drafted Alexander, who should we have gotten at #8? I know you won't say Bayless because you think he's a bust (And so do I, even though i'm from AZ)


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