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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lost at the Point:Milwaukee Bucks TWC Boxscore for Game 3

I finally finished the TWC Boxscore for the Milwaukee Bucks home opener, a narrow loss to the Toronto Raptors.

Bucksdiary Goats of the Game

1. Charlie Bell (-0.764)
2. Ramon Sessions (-0.650)
3. Richard Jefferson (-0.450)


1. Is everyone in Milwaukee complaining about Luke Ridnour? On last night's telecast, Pash and Mac made several comments defending Ridnour, and left the impression everyone's down on him. Those who are should start reading my TWC boxscores. Yeah, Ridnour's not what you want from a starting point guard in terms of offense, but he holds up his end (usually) defensively. And that seems a bit better than anything else we got. Had the Bucks received even close to average play from their point guards last night, they would have won going away.

2. Richard Jefferson had another wretched offensive performance. To his credit, he stood tall on defense.

3. Charlie V can be frustrating, but I genuinely believe he tries. Bogut needs to stop bitching at him. I caught him doing that again last night, and it pisses me off. To me, its like the bully picking on the weakling. Once Bogut starts bitching at Redd or Jefferson (which he never does) then he can start yelling at and showing up Villanueva, until then, mind your own game. Villanueva had a very tough matchup last night, and came out pretty nicely.

4. Of course, Bogut had a pretty nice game last night. But Jermaine O'Neal is a shell of his old self, so I would have hoped Bogut could have shut him down a bit better, but you can't complain at all about Bogut's offensive performance.

5. For those who are counting at home, that's two out of three games that Charlie Bell has been the MHB ("Most Harmful Buck"). And since Win Contribution is weighted according to playing time, that's quite a dubious achievement for a bench player. Gotta do better, Chuck.


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