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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Miracle Worker needs to conjure an even larger miracle

Scott Skiles has, in one month, done what no previous Milwaukee Bucks coach had done in nearly 20 years. He got the Bucks defense into the upper half of the NBA rankings. I'm dumbfounded at the suddenness of Skiles influence. It boggles the mind. JE Skeets (Nehemiah?) of "Ball Don't Lie" was right when he described it as "pretty flippin' sick".

But now I think the Basketball Gods are asking too much. For the next 10 days the team will be without its top scorer (Michael Redd), its starting point guard (Luke Ridnour), and its most valuable player and ONLY viable center (Andrew Bogut).

What's that line by Bob Dylan? Its a hard rain gonna fall. I can't see the Bucks pulling out even one game with that shorthanded a lineup. They just have to do the best they can, and don't let it squealch their attitude and intensity.


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