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Friday, November 14, 2008

Ramon Sessions...TO...THE...RESCUE!

I'm not even going to go into the fact that the Bucks had this game on ice with 3 minutes left, and then nearly gave it back to a Memphis team that didn't want it all that badly by putting together about three straight horrible possessions in the last two minutes of regulation. I think there was a long stretch there where the Green and Red did not even get a shot off. But, its forgotten. Besides, I give them a pass, the unit out there at the end was dead dog tired. And they had a right to be. They played some incredible defense to get the Bucks back in the game.

But Thank God for Ramon Sessions. That was a huge 3. But how bout Memphis' defensive strategy? Ahhh, when your up 3 with a couple seconds left... I'm no genius but that seems like a great time NOT to suck your defense way in. But Memphis did. There wasn't anyone within 6 feet of Sessions on the game tying three. Sessions got an unbelievably clean release.

Stars of the Game

1. Luc Moute +1.345
2. Richard Jefferson +0.622
3. Andrew Bogut +0.452

Honorable Mention: Ramon Sessions (+0.406)

Random Notes on things I observed

1. Has Rudy Gay ever seen a shot that doesn't look good to him?! He almost sucked the air out of the ball. I mean, RJ played tireless defense, but Gay... just...kept...shooting. To which I say: Thank you, sir.

2. As soon as we got Charlie Bell off OJ Mayo, he kind of went away. Well, with the help of Rudy Gay, that is. Mayo's pretty good, though. He's not as great as Jalen Rose thinks, though. Doesn't he look a hell of a lot smaller than he did in college? It seems to me you see that often.

3. How about Luc Moute with his Moses Malone act in Memphis? 17 boards, and a lot of them were high, high degree of hustle rebounds. He's awesome.

4. Guess who showed me something tonight with some hustle, athleticism and smart play? Joe Alexander!!! I shit you not!!! He looked like he might have something to offer...

5. Luke Ridnour was awesome in the extra frame, especially with his foul shooting, but he will NOT take the open shot. Its one thing to be pass first, but he's passing up wide, wide open shots and it sometimes bogs down the offense.

6. This was my first look at Marc Gasol. What's Spanish for "slightly overweight"?

7. Hakim Warrick is the skinniest power forward I've ever seen.

8. Did you realize Bogut has a complete neck beard? I mean, there's nothing on his face, its all on his neck. I don't know why I haven't commented on that bad boy sooner.

9. Great win for the Bucks... who the hell made out the schedule, though? The Celtics in a back-to-back job? This is looking unnecessarily sadistic. Give us a chance.

10. Hey, we finally had an Austin Croshere sighting... and that was about all we wanted to see. No, he should be okay.

11. Gadzuric is now officially a member of the NBA's witness protection program. As part of his new identity, his last name has been changed back to the college pronunciation... GAD-zur-ICK. Of course, Coach Skiles would say, "You know... emphasis on Ick is what I guess I would say to that". (You ever notice how Coach Skiles always sounds so nonchalant in all his soundbites and always lead them with "Well, you know..." and then mixes in an "I guess" somewhere mid sentence?)


At November 15, 2008 at 12:02 AM, Anonymous paulpressey25 said...

Thanks for the twc boxscore.

The question is whether any one of Sessions, Alexander or Luc Richard can become an all-star. Or are these guys destined to just be decent players. I think the Bucks chance to be a 50-win team in the future rides on the answer.

At November 16, 2008 at 2:56 PM, Blogger TCW said...

Not necessarily.

I see the Bucks as the old Pistons with Moute as Tayshaun Prince, Sessions as a poor man's Chauncey Billups, and Alexander as... Darko Milicic? NO, NO, NO! Just kidding. He'll be better than that.

But my point is they could certainly get to 50 wins without any of them being bonafide All-Stars.

But they do need to add a couple of pieces for the future, including a real power forward.


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