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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Updated Milwaukee Bucks Win Profile Chart

82games.com updates the information necessary to compute Defensive Win Score every Tuesday. Basketball.reference.com updates the information necessary to compute Offensive Win Score daily. Therefore, if the Bucks play back-to-back on a Tuesday and Wednesday, I have only a 24 hour window (as Jonny Mac would say "Ok, there's a window here") in which I can update my Milwaukee Bucks Win Profile Chart trusting that both sets of information are synchronized. I've done it. (BTW: I've been calling the Win Profile Chart the "Player Value Rankings" but since the players are no longer in ranked order, I will henceforth refer to it as the Win Profile Chart).

So the chart is up to date through the Cavaliers game, it doesn't include the Spurs game. What the chart shows is the Bucks had a rough week. Their Win trajectory fell from a predicted 37-43 record to a predicted 32-50 record.

Luke Ridnour had by far the roughest week. His O Win Score declined by 4.4, and his D Win Score increased by 1.7. Therefore his Win projection fell by 2.8 games.

Frickin' Charlie Villanueva. The guy is uncannily consistent. His Marginal Win Score (1/2 the between his Win Score and his Counterpart Opponents) always remains in the same range. How long can we put up with his underproduction? We must look to get rid of him while he has value.

Bogut's having a pretty good season overall. Once again, however, I am going to document how much more productive he would be if he just stops shooting jumpers. I'll do a post on that.

Charlie Bell, Mr. Up and Down, had an up week and improved his win trajectory.

The Bucks are getting a lot of average production from guys. What they really lack are those one or two guys who make big contributions. Those guys are hard to come by though.


At November 13, 2008 at 7:38 PM, Anonymous paul said...

Another good post Ty.

Just a side note that you might be interested in - Bogut now has his own website and has a blog on there where he bemoans the fact that he's playing really poorly (it was before the Spurs game). Thought you may be interested in checking it out, the address is www.andrewbogut.net.au


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