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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bucks lose a winnable game: TWC boxscore from Bucks vs. Sixers

That Bucks game was painful to watch. The Sixers played zone most of the fourth quarter because the Bucks cannot hit jump shots... or at least they couldn't last night.

But, ironically most of the Bucks played well overall:

Goats of the Game (according to the TWC boxscore):

1. Andrew Bogut
2. Luke Ridnour
3. Dan Gadzuric


1. Every minute of court time counts when it comes to the TWC boxscore. There's no such thing as "throw away" minutes. Last night Dan Gadzuric provided an example of that. He played only nine minutes, but was outplayed so badly he recorded a TWC of -0.318. Had he merely played the opposition center to a productive standstill in his nine minutes, the Bucks probability of winning would have gone from 43% to 48%. That's a substantial difference that a guy playing only nine minutes could have made.

2. Michael Redd and Richard Jefferson, the two highest paid players on the team, were the two most responsible for the Bucks poor offensive performance. But I give the tandem credit for their defensive efforts. Their work on the defensive end of the court produced positive Total Win Contributions for the Bucks.

3. Bogut was playing so well before last night... but geez he got DESTROYED by the Sixers tandem of Dalembert, Speights, and Evans. Each is the kind of rough physical player Bogut struggles to contain and to produce against. Did you notice he only took 4 shots last night in about 35 minutes of action? Andrew Bogut desperately needs a physical power forward next to him to help him with that weakness, but for three years the Bucks have done nothing to acquire one.

4. I thought highly of Mareese Speights going into last season's draft. He's struggled with his defense so far, but his offensive production has been where I thought it would be, and he had an excellent game last night, turning in a Win Score per minute of .315, which is excellent. I would have chosen him with the 8th pick instead of Joe Alexander. BTW, Alexander produced nothing but splinters from riding the pine last night.

5. Luke Ridnour may be hurting, or I dont know what his deal is, but his level of play lately is hurting the team. He's playing like a substitute, not a starter.

6. If I were Scott Skiles, I might think about giving some of Dan Gadzuric's minutes to Austin Croshere. I know Gadzuric will flash productivity, but he's wildly inconsistent... so far his overall MWS/48 is negative. Croshere's, in limited action, is positive. Plus, Croshere just seems like the better basketball player.


At December 18, 2008 at 1:31 PM, Anonymous Blake said...

Skiles is giving Ridnour way too many minutes. We need to start Sessions for a couple of games. Bogut is getting better but I think he's going to make few all-star games with the way he's playing right now, he's just been to inconsistent for my liking, one night he kills a rookie center and the next night he gets owned by a 5-year vet.

I didn't get a chance to see the game, and I rarely see any Bucks games at all because of damn ESPN so i'm not exactly caught up on every player...

So you might be moving Bucks Diary to a new place, huh? Good move! Did you finally not miss an email from someone asking you to join their site??

Haha. Also, I noticed your 2009 NBA Draft post, (you've been blogging like crazy these past 2 weeks! It's hard to keep up!)It's funny how you think Stephen Curry and Tyler Hansbrough are scary, because those are my two favorite players and Curry is one of my favorite draft prospects. I can see how they appear like that though, they are both very under-sized for their respective position, but are amazingly productive...

I'll elaborate on this and my other favorite prospects as the draft gets closer.

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