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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shine a Light on Lue: Enhanced TWC boxscore from the Bucks crushing of the Knicks

This may be my last posting on blogspot. I have to check my email and see how the procedure works to switch over to MVN, but that's definitely imminent.

I wish you buds could see me. I've been shoveling all day and trying to get this stupid ENHANCED Milwaukee Bucks TWC boxscore done, because it was such a huge and crushing win. Anyway, I look like frickin Charlie Villanueva. I'm wearing tearaways. A Milwaukee Bucks hunter green old school jersey... obviously... and a Green Bay Packers cold weather headband that I haven't taken off with those kind of heavy army socks... because I've been between the computer and the fricking snow all day.

Timeout for a Rant (Skip below for my Notes on the Game)

Anyway, I wanted to do this thing because the GD Milwaukee Journal has the whole narrative wrong AGAIN. They credit stupid REDD because .... GEE he scored alot of points.

People if you lose me and dont follow me over to MVN, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (I sound like this guy) remember this... VOLUME SCORING ALONE IS MEANINGLESS IN BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!! If anything it can tend to kill a team... the important thing is possessions.... Its like Robin Yount taking as many at bats as he wants for the Brewers and then the Journal reporting that the Brewers won because he got four hits....HOW MANY AT BATS DID HE USE UP???

Ok, enough ranting... by the way those analogies are all stolen from the Wages of Wins, so read it for more insight....

Notes on the Game

1. Tyronn Lue has secretly resurrected himself people. He's close to having a positive Win Contribution for the season, and his play is above Replacement Level, which is what you want from your bench players. Think about your low level players as a basement floor. The higher the basement floor, the higher the structure. Good going Lue.

2. Croshere is also playing at an above Replacement level. Can he be physical enough to be our permanent replacement center? That is my question. His athletic ability is clearly gone, he can no longer man the 3 or 4.

3 My man Moute, the Winter Prince of Milwaukee as one of my loyal commenter so aptly and keenly dubbed him, has clearly gotten his second wind. He has played some beautiful games this weekend.

4. Michael Redd will give you points per minute... lately that is the only thing he and RJ are delivering above average. They are playing decent defense, to their credit... but I also think they are benefiting from going against gunslingers. Both RJ and Michael must do more to earn their money. Particularly Michael. He must make a concerted effort to get the team more possessions. At the moment he is averaging around 1.7 possessions gained per 48. That will never get it done. Early in his career, as I have pointed out many times, he was much better at that, and he can be. Quit romancing that 3 point line. Durant has revitalized himself, Redd can too.

5. I can't say enough good about Andrew Bogut... remember when I said we should shop him last year... that dude who wrote I was crazy... you have earned the right to do this to me

6. To paraphrase Bobby Kennedy, "Now its on to Milwaukee, and Lets Win There!"... Tonight is a must. Cannot lose to the Clippers at home. Cannot do it people. They're last in my Power Rankings, if I was keeping them up.


At December 20, 2008 at 5:53 PM, Anonymous Blake said...

Where exactly can I find you at MVN?

At December 20, 2008 at 6:24 PM, Anonymous Get Money said...

great post!

I really love this blog so I hope it continues in a similar format on MVN

in terms of the game last night, my boys Bogut and Moute were OUTSTANDING

I've vary rarely seen a player (and especially a center) only score 10 points and still DOMINATE the game on BOTH offense and defense the way Bogut did. His passing was exceptional, defense (including help defense) was extremely solid and overall he just had a great game. If he could get to the free throw line an extra 4 or 5 times a game and get a little 10-12 foot jumpshot happening while continuing with what he's already doing he could easily average 18 to 20 points and 12 rebounds a game and be an All Star

Moute was excellent too. He does all the little things that help a team to win especially rebounding, high percentage shots and defense. Speaking of defense, Moute defense has been incredible lately. Him and Charlie Bell can both really shut people down when they want to/need to.

Was interesting to see Charlie V not get many minutes last night as he's been playing very well lately but obviously Skiles knows what he's doing as the end score shows.

I'd really like to see more of Joe Alexander. If he keeps it simple (play good D, rebound, shoot when open, run the floor etc.) I think he can be good or even great.

At December 20, 2008 at 7:21 PM, Anonymous paul said...

Ha ha I assume your referring to me Ty, but I think I said you'd have 'egg on your face' not fruit pie! Great post as usual - even on the ones I don't agree with (like that trade Bogut post from last year that you're referring to) I still greatly enjoy reading them. I'll be following you to MVN, you can count on it.

At December 20, 2008 at 9:04 PM, Blogger TCW said...


I'm not even sure yet, but I will definitely post a link here on this site, thanks buddy!!!!

You'll be able to find me easily and it will be the same exact spiel as I have here.

At December 20, 2008 at 9:13 PM, Blogger TCW said...

Get Money,

You, Blake, and others like you are the reason I like to write.

I love getting ripped. Love IT!! That's how I learn.

But if you and people like you werent smart enough and astute enough to buy into my central premise... that being that baskeball analysts and general managers and fans and commentators and talking heads and the basketball establishment in general WILDLY OVERVALUEs scoring... then I'd stop writing.

So thanks for your intelligence, brother, and welcome to the revolution.

At December 20, 2008 at 9:18 PM, Blogger TCW said...


Were you the one who pointed out how UDDERLY STUPID I was to suggest we shop Bogut?

As soon as I gin up Bucksdiary t-shirts, you get one... email me your address.

For C sakes, I'm an economics major... and I forgot to consider Replacement Value????? Come on Ty!!!!!

At the moment Bogut is far and away the team's most valuable asset and I was suggesting we trade him away... dumb, dumb, dumb...

I've reformed myself!! Thank you for the nudge!!


At December 20, 2008 at 9:51 PM, Anonymous paul said...

I don't want to take credit if it wasn't my comment you were thinking of Ty! So I tracked down the original post and my comment and linked it here - https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=18423760&postID=5569206734251228598

It's fun reading back on some of that stuff, particularly as it highlights just how much better shape we are in right now.

At December 22, 2008 at 10:09 PM, Anonymous Red said...

Money - you sure you want Bogut getting to the line an extra 4-5 times? He's shooting a career low (even 5% behind Shaq).

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