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Monday, December 08, 2008

Where the Bucks offense is deficient

If you watched the Bucks loss to the Lakers last night, it was like a microcosm of their season. Pretty tough defense, but that defense was backed up by an absolute James A. Naismith inspired "Peach Basket" YMCA offense. As a result the Bucks were blown out so badly I didn't even bother with a TWC boxscore because most of the second half was a farce. The Bucks ultimately scored 92 points and lost by 13 points, but for most of the revelant points in the contest they were headed for 64.1 points and a loss in the range of 22-34 points. So a TWC boxscore would have been deceptive.

The larger question which I do want to take up is where is the deficient Bucks offense most deficient? If you break down NBA.com's 14 hotzones, and then compare the NBA average in each zone to the Bucks average in each zone, and then break that down further into point per attempt differential, here is how the Bucks compare to the NBA, using zone number designations, as I do here:

Zone 1: -o.o68 pts per attempt
Zone 2: -0.124 pts per attempt
Zone 3: +0.184 pts per attempt
Zone 4: -0.070 pts per attempt
Zone 5: +0.008 pts per attempt
Zone 6: -0.120 pts per attempt
Zone 7: +0.110 pts per attempt
Zone 8: +0.128 pts per attempt
Zone 9: -0.208 pts per attempt
Zone 10 (3pts): +0.456 pts per attempt
Zone 11 (3pts): -0.015 pts per attempt
Zone 12 (3pts): +0.228 pts per attempt
Zone 13 (3pts): -0.186 pts per attempt
Zone 14 (3pts): +0.000 pts per attempt
FTAs: -0.003 per attempt

From the data, it appears the Bucks maximum point values come behind the three point line on the left wing, and in the middle (except not right at point blank range... which may speak to the lack of athleticism of their big men). Specifically, the Bucks offense thrives on looks in the middle of the court, and generally suffers when they get looks on the right side of the court. The Bucks worst percentage zone at the moment is just inside the 3 point arc on the right wing.


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